Wellpark House is a family run guest house, owned by the Dickison family for three generations. The building is around one hundred and twenty years old and was built by a Glasgow shipping company in the height of the wealthy empire years as a private home for ship owners. In 1939 the building was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and used as a wren's hospital for the duration of the war. The house reverted to private ownership in 1945 and was purchased by my Grandpa in the 1958 and turned into a hotel.

With bathrooms and toilets not only inside the building but one on every floor, central heating and hot and cold running water in every room, it was considered the very highest quality for its day!

Since then the house has been enlarged and refurbished with all rooms boasting private facilities.

We feel privileged to live in this beautiful area and never tire of exploring new walks, or visiting familiar places such as Inverary or Easdale Island, over 'the bridge over the Atlantic'.

Contact us: enquiries@wellparkhouse.co.uk